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The Audible-Ready Podcast

Aug 11, 2020

Many sales leaders want to add MEDDICC into their sales organizations to improve sales qualification, mitigating losses and the number of deals in the pipeline that just aren’t progressing effectively.


Spoiler -  just adding the tool to your sales process won’t drive results. You as a sales leader, and your sales teams have to put in the work to make it work.


In this episode, Managing Director of Facilitation and Delivery, Brian Walsh talks through how to enable your sales teams to drive results using MEDDICC. He’ll cover:


- The three sales qualification questions MEDDICC can help companies solve


- How you can make MEDDICC successful, specifically for your organization


- How leaders, managers, sales reps impact the success of MEDDICC in different ways


- Personal experiences on how managers can help reps move deals forward in a way that drives results


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Here are some additional resources focused on implementing MEDDICC: 


- An Overview of MEDDICC

- Make MEDDICC Work for Your Sales Organization

- How Sales Messaging & Qualification Work Together to Drive Scalable Growth